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For Immediate Release: The Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB®) announces the publication of practice guidelines for applied behavior analysis treatment of autism spectrum disorder.
Tallahassee, Florida – September 11, 2012 The BACB is pleased to announce the publication of its new practice guidelines document: Health Plan Coverage of Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The guidelines were developed to provide guidance to health plans, consumers, and providers so that individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder receive applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment consistent with the best available scientific evidence and expert clinical opinion. This project was prompted by the recent passage of autism-insurance legislation in multiple states, which has left numerous insurers with a need to develop an infrastructure for defining and funding ABA treatment. Given the multiple unique features of ABA treatment in this area, the BACB wanted to ensure that insurers were provided with the best information possible for this task. Some of the unique features of ABA treatment that are addressed in the guidelines include: Training and Credentialing of Behavior Analysts; Assessment, Formulation of Treatment Goals, and Measurement of Client Progress; Service Authorization and Dosage; Tiered Service Delivery Models and Behavioral Technicians; and Clinical Management and Case Supervision. Although the guidelines are written primarily for insurers and health plans, they will also be useful for consumers and providers.
The BACB is pleased to offer this resource as a tool for general guidance and basic descriptions of typical ABA service delivery.  As general guidelines, we expect that they will need to be tailored to fit individual, local, and regional requirements and needs.



or more information about the BACB, visit www.BACB.com