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Not all billing companies are created equal! Missing Piece specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis billing and consulting services. With over 10 years of experience serving ABA providers of all sizes across the country, at Missing Piece we provide the highest quality Applied Behavior Analysis billing services, so you can focus on providing the highest quality care and behavioral health services to your clients and their families.


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    You put your patients’ needs above everything else, right? At Missing Piece, we put your needs at the top of our list of priorities, and we work to create a relationship built on respect, trust, and a common goal: taking care of people. Here are a few highlights of what our business is known for:

    Our Process

    We build a relationship first, and the work comes after that. No matter where you’re located or what kind of medical practice you have, you’ll always know we’re here to answer questions. We’ve always got your back.

    Our Transparency

    You don’t operate in a vacuum, and neither do we. We want to take some work off your plate, but we also want to make sure you’re as involved in the process as you need to be.

    Our Team

    You don’t operate in a vacuum, and neither do we. We want to take some work off your plate, but we also want to make sure you’re as involved in the process as you need to be. Learn more about your billing team here

    Our Services

    Our Services. We offer everything from accounts receivable with insurance industry expertise to monitoring and reporting. See our full services here

    Our Dedication

    We started as exclusive ABA billing specialists, because we knew the Autism community and the therapists serving it needed our help. We’ve maintained that personal connection over the years, no matter what type of care or services our clients provide.

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    We Complete You.

    At Missing Piece, we only make promises we know we can keep.

    True Partners.

    We operate on transparency. We build lifelong relationships, not client lists.


    We are proven to provide results. We don't get paid until you get paid.


    We are the ABA billing experts and are committed to helping you provide the best service to your patients.

    Your Solution.

    We are Your Missing Piece. Isn’t it time you made your business complete?

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    Our Story

    The statistics are staggering. Each year, more children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It’s likely that if you’re reading this, your own life has been touched by someone on the spectrum. The same was true for Missing Piece founder Deana Sewell, who was so moved by a friend’s struggle to get financial assistance for her son, that she left her job in the banking industry and committed her career to helping ABA providers obtain compensation from insurance companies.

    Ms. Sewell’s ultimate goal is to ease the burden of ABA providers so they can focus on treating ASD patients, and that goal has never wavered. Missing Piece is dedicated to ensuring the dignity, respect, and fair treatment of ASD patients through the services we provide to ABA providers.

    This specialization has informed the way we do business, especially in the personal commitment we make to each of our clients. Nearly every one of our more than 50 employees has a personal connection to the ASD community, so we know first-hand the struggles, the challenges, and the joys of serving this community.

    Our business has expanded over the years, and we are thrilled to offer our services to all healthcare providers, but our devotion to ABA providers and the patients they serve remains true.