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Common Misconceptions About ABA Therapy Billing

As an ABA practitioner, you probably don’t have the time to handle all the responsibilities on your plate. But ABA therapy billing is simple enough for you to handle on top of everything else. Right? Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about ABA therapy billing that can lead to problems for many ABA practitioners. We unpack […]

ABA Claim Submission Do’s & Don’ts

Before 2019, ABA therapy providers faced numerous challenges with billing as they were forced to use generic billing codes to process ABA claims. As a result, ABA practitioners and anyone else involved in ABA claims processing faced numerous problems. Despite the introduction in 2019 of ABA billing specific CPT I and CPT III codes, ABA […]

Bots and Automation: The Future of Medical Billing

Medical billing is a necessary but often time-consuming task for healthcare providers. As technology continues to advance, the use of bots and automation could revolutionize medical billing services and provide an efficient, cost-effective solution.  Today, we will be exploring the current state of medical billing, the challenges it presents, and how bots and automation could […]

ABA Business Best Practices and KPIs You Need to Know About

Running a successful ABA business requires more than just providing quality services to your clients; it requires a thoughtful approach to healthcare revenue cycle management. Best practices and key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential for any ABA business that wants to maximize profits and optimize operations. The importance of best practices & KPIs in ABA […]