Our Story

In the early 2000’s, Kokomo native Deana Sewell left the bank she was managing to help a friend get financial assistance from insurance for his son with Autism. Quickly realizing that there was no help to be found, Ms. Sewell forged a new path, ultimately laying the groundwork for the insurance structure for ABA coding and billing. Ms. Sewell soon outgrew her home office, needing administrative assistance to maintain her uphill struggle to insure that children with Autism were treated with dignity, fairness, and respect by insurance companies. Thus, the beginnings of Missing Piece Billing and Consulting, Inc.

Over the years, Missing Piece has grown to over 50 employees and represents clients across the United States. Many of Missing Piece’s employees are drawn to the company because of their own experiences with loved ones with Autism, and undoubtedly because of Ms. Sewell’s compassion, ferocity, and knowledge. Ms. Sewell has never backed down in pursuit of her cause and has- and continues to- change the landscape of this field.

Ms. Sewell is nationally considered an expert in the field of ABA billing and a founding member of the team that led the fight to provide services to children in need. From around the country, Ms. Sewell is contacted by ABA providers, companies, and even insurance providers for her opinion. She continues to fight for families and their children who cannot bear the massive financial burden of raising a child with Autism. Ms. Sewell is the CEO and Founder of Missing Piece Billing and Consulting, Inc. and continues to protect the rights of ABA providers, and families and children coping with Autism.

Missing Piece has grown to include servicing other types of services, but the heart of Missing Piece will always be protecting those dealing with Autism. And Deana Sewell. She will ALWAYS be the soul of her company, driving everyone to fight for her clients.

Deana Sewell, CEO

Deana Sewell

Chief Executive Officer