Why Outsource?

Outsourcing Your Billing and Insurance Needs

By paying Missing Piece a fixed fee based only on what is collected, you no longer have the need to hire numerous staff to perform the services we provide. Moreover, the quality of services provided by the experts at Missing Piece is invaluable.

Billing, contracting and dealing with insurance is extremely complicated. It is constantly changing and no two insurance companies, or policies, are the same. Keeping ahead of these changes on your own is practically impossible. Asking an in-house biller to handle all the services provided by Missing Piece is not just unfair- it’s impossible. Our team of dedicated experts handle your billing needs from the moment a potential client walks in your door until the money is in your account. Our determined and trained staff aggressively chase claims and don’t stop until EVERY option is exhausted.

Outsourcing to Missing Piece will not only save you money, but will help you grow exponentially. You can focus on your clients, your staff and your practice. You will be able to be the clinician you want to be and to provide excellent service to your clients. Outsourcing to Missing Piece has a direct effect on the quality of services you can offer. It takes you out of the collection side with your clients and keeps you on the therapy side of things.


What to Watch out for with Other Billing Companies or Billing Systems

Other companies will try to convince you they can collect for you as effectively as Missing Piece. Not so.

Ask other billing companies:

How much do your individual services cost; for example, contracting, credentialing, eligibility checks, obtaining authorizations, patient responsibility follow up, etc.?
Other companies assign individual fees or have a “tiered” system of charging you. With Missing Piece you get all our services as part of your basic, simple, flat fee based on what is recovered for you. Some companies do not even offer all the services that Missing Piece includes.

Do they outsource their services?
Some companies send your account needs overseas.  Missing Piece is an American company and every provider is assigned a dedicated team to work with you in every aspect of your account.

How often do they follow-up on claims?
After submission of claims, Missing Piece calls the insurance company and confirms receipt of the claim. After that, Missing Piece will pursue claims relentlessly until they are paid or we have exhausted every possible avenue available for recovery. Some companies check on claim status once a month.

Will/How do they work your old A/R?
Missing Piece works your entire A/R, old and new, and will examine every outstanding claim for possible recovery. Some companies simply provide you with reports on old A/R, make a call to insurance, and are done. Missing Piece pursues recovery of aged A/R until all possibilities for recovery are exhausted.

When do you recommend writing off an unpaid claim?
Some other billing companies will advise you that if claims aren’t paid within 6 months or a year, to write that amount off. Not Missing Piece. If there’s a claim that is unpaid for any reason or amount of time, Missing Piece will pursue that claim through every level of appeal and even beyond, if warranted. Missing Piece doesn’t consider writing off claims an option.