Professional Services

Choosing a billing service provider can be difficult. This is why it is important to know that Missing Piece offers so much more. We have dedicated ourselves to being experts in all areas of Autism, behavioral health, and wrap-around service management: billing and accounting, patient statements and contracting to name a few.


Missing Piece works with you and your team to ensure your billing goes out clean and timely.

Eligibility Checks

Our Eligibility Department will make sure potential clients have the necessary benefit coverage so you will be paid for your services.

Accounts Receivable

The dedicated and experienced staff in accounts receivable will relentlessly chase every claim for you.


Your dedicated Authorization Representative will make sure you have written confirmation of the nature and scope of services for which insurance will pay.


Trusted Solutions

Trusted Care

Your success revolves around the patient care you provide. But with so many additional responsibilities that business owners have, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay focused on the clinical side of your practice.

Simply put, you can’t do it all.  And you don’t have to.

Missing Piece Billing and Consulting Solutions can assume as much or as little of your management responsibilities as you need. With our highly trained, dedicated staff by your side, there will be nothing holding you back from serving the clients that need you the most.


  • " Having a partner in business can be a daunting, but necessary concept. Whether your partner is someone you share your business interests with, or someone you heavily rely on from the outside, they are often necessary for your success.

    When you partner with Missing Piece, you've gained the experience and resources of a strong pillar you can lean on for support. They offer solutions and resources that far exceed the average clinical operation, and often identify problems and new directions before you are even aware of a need to shift course.

    We wouldn't be where we are today, nor where our path is taking us without them as a partner along the way."

    Indiana ABA Provider

  • " Missing Piece: dedicated, supportive, knowledgeable, team player, part of our business family, and my missing piece needed in my company!

    As a business owner I can trust Missing Piece is doing their job in making sure my kiddos get the services they need, claims are processed and paid in a timely manner, and will find out the answers to any questions and problems that may arise when working with insurances. They do their job so I can focus on doing mine which is providing quality ABA therapy.

    I truly feel Missing Piece is invested in my company, my clients, and me as person. Their team is knowledgeable, dedicated, and so supportive! Thank you Missing Piece!"

    Illinois ABA Provider

  • " I can honestly say we would not be here today if it was not for every staff member’s work at Missing Piece. In my professional and personal opinion, Missing Piece is the premier billing agency specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis services or anything else you can throw at them."

    Florida ABA Provider

  • " When we decided to start our therapy business, it was because we felt a need to serve our community, not to wrestle with insurance companies. The insurance system is a complex maze that requires a special expertise and constant attention.

    By taking the headache out of the process, Missing Piece has proven to be an instrumental part of the constant growth our business has enjoyed. Our billing is submitted quickly and our reimbursements are much more predictable. They are always responsive to our issues and act as a kind and competent liaison that represents our business well.

    The professionals at Missing Piece are the administrative backbone that allows us to focus on our true passion, helping families."

    Indiana ABA Provider

  • " Thank you! Everyone at Missing Piece has been incredibly helpful and we couldn't be where we are today without your assistance and knowledge. I really appreciate it! "

    Florida ABA Provider

  • " If any ABA, SLP, or OT company is looking for the absolute best, above and beyond billing company- contact Missing Piece Billing and Consulting. With total transparency, providers get every report needed to manage the company at a click of a button. When a provider has a problem, even one that Missing Piece had no part in creating, the staff at Missing Piece will work through the night to fix it. I can't recommend this compny highly enough!" "

    Illinois Provider

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