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Single Case Agreement 101

Single Case Agreements, also known as SCAs, are contracts between an insurance company and an out-of-network provider.

Relative Value Based Reimbursement

The Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS) represents the foundational payment model utilized by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the majority of other payers. While still new to ABA therapy services, this system is rooted in the philosophy that reimbursement should align with the underlying costs of providing such services. The RBRVS […]

The Difference Between Rejected & Denied Claims

Submitting healthcare claims is a complex and ever-changing process as new technology and regulations bring changes that make understanding claims processing sometimes feel like a moving target. Understanding claims processing is an evolving skill, but learning the basic language is the first step to successfully navigating this landscape. One of the keys is knowing the […]

Writing ABA Treatment Plans for Medical Necessity

Applied behavioral analysis or ABA therapy is considered medically necessary by most, but certainly not all, insurance companies or plans. Payers require that services they approve and reimburse are medically necessary, and providers must have documentation to justify these services. Review these guidelines to help prepare treatment plans.

ABA Therapy Documentation Best Practices

Medical records are a critical service piece for both patients and providers. These records document the health, well-being, medical needs, plan of care, medical necessity and treatment(s) rendered for a patient during their time with a clinician or therapist. This information is frequently reviewed by internal and external medical professionals, patients, and third-party payers. Failure to document information correctly can not only be detrimental to a patient’s care, but it can greatly impact payment for services.

HIPAA and Confidentiality for ABA and Behavioral Health Providers

All healthcare providers must be very familiar with the basics of HIPAA and state confidentiality regulations, as well as the requirements of their certification or licensure regarding confidentiality. In addition, as a practice, a comprehensive HIPAA analysis should take place regularly to ensure all required safeguards have been put in place to minimize risks.

How-To Guide for Processing ABA Insurance Claims

Despite recent developments in the healthcare industry that now ensure that ABA therapy is covered by medical insurance, it can still be challenging for ABA practitioners to claim for their services. It’s crucial to bill the correct ABA codes based on the delivered service and use the correct modifiers to ensure a one-to-one match with […]

Tips When Starting an ABA Therapy Practice

If you’re a certified ABA therapy practitioner wondering how to start an ABA therapy practice, it’s important to know that setting up your practice is a complex process. However, as overwhelming as it may seem at first, running your own ABA therapy practice can be incredibly rewarding, both socially and financially.  To help you start […]

How to Grow Your ABA Therapy Practice

Whether you’ve just opened your doors or you’ve been offering ABA therapy for a while, there’s no doubt that it’s not easy to grow your ABA therapy practice. Many brilliant ABA practitioners aren’t sure of where to begin and are left wondering how to grow their private ABA therapy practice to the size that suits […]

Using Technology to Boost Efficiency & Profitability of your Behavioral Health Practice

Technology continues to make advancements that affect many different aspects of our lives, including how healthcare practitioners run their behavioral health practices. There are many different ways practitioners can use technology to improve business efficiency and profitability, which in turn allows them to reinvest in their practice and help it grow. Learn more about how […]