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Thinking About Starting an ABA Therapy Practice?

Here are Five Pitfalls to Avoid  Have you or someone you know been considering what it might look like to start your own ABA Therapy Practice? The work of an ABA therapist is extremely rewarding on so many levels; however, there are a handful of areas that if not planned properly can lead to issues […]

ABA Therapy Documentation Best Practices

Medical records are a critical service piece for both patients and providers. These records document the health, well-being, medical needs, plan of care, medical necessity and treatment(s) rendered for a patient during their time with a clinician or therapist. This information is frequently reviewed by internal and external medical professionals, patients, and third-party payers. Failure […]

Top Ten Benefits of Outsourcing ABA Billing

1. Reduce internal staffing costs Quality, knowledgeable staff are hard to find and expensive.  You avoid the payroll costs of an expensive billing department and only pay for services when the insurance company pays you.    2. Reduce training, supervision and hiring costs How do you train and supervise your staff on billing when you […]

10 Components to an ABA Treatment Plan

Missing Piece has found the following elements are key to surviving a medical necessity review or an audit. Each treatment request must include all ten (10) components listed below: