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ABA Thanksgiving Best Practices

Holidays are opportunities to meet new people and reunite with family. Thanksgiving reminds us to count our blessings and celebrate the bounty in our lives. But for some neurotypicals, holidays can be stressful. You may have social anxiety, complicated histories with family members or worry about planning the perfect event. For autistic individuals, holidays may […]

Professional Resources for ABA Therapists

As an Applied Behavior Analysis therapist, staying on top of the latest trends, research and treatments is vital to providing the best possible care for your clients. But in an age of information overload, such a task can feel overwhelming and leave many therapists asking, “Where do I even begin?” To simplify your information hunt […]

How to Get Started with ABA Billing Software

Billing for autism therapy can be a complex and time-consuming task where even the smallest mistakes can cause problems for families and companies. That’s why many autism therapy companies are turning to ABA therapy billing software to streamline their administrative and billing processes. In this blog post, we explore tips for choosing the right ABA […]

How Parent Portals Can Help Increase Caregiver Participation

Caregivers often find it challenging to be actively engaged in their child’s treatment, especially when they’re working full-time jobs. Many recognize how essential it is for the success of their autism therapy program to be more involved. If you’re unsure about how to make this a reality, exploring parent portals may be the missing piece […]

5 Ways ABA Therapists Can Save Time on Insurance Billing

There’s no doubt that anyone starting with ABA therapy billing has wondered how to bill insurance for ABA therapy. Regardless of whether you’ve been running an ABA therapy practice for years or you’ve just started your own, ABA therapy billing can be an extremely complex process. There are many difficulties associated with the billing aspect […]

How Retention and Payroll Impact the Financial Health of Your ABA Practice

Running an ABA practice can be very difficult, with various challenges affecting different aspects of your business. In this blog, we take a deeper look at the different areas of ABA practices and some of the difficulties you may face and share potential solutions that can help you address them. Client retention Client retention by […]

Recruiting and Retaining the Right Behavioral Health Billing Staff

As an ABA practitioner, it’s crucial that you’re able to focus on your patients and provide them with the highest quality care. However, many different elements of your practice may consume your time and prevent you from treating your patients with the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, billing is one of these elements because it can […]

Addressing Healthcare Practitioners’ Medical Data Privacy Concerns

As an ABA practitioner or behavioral healthcare practitioner who collects patients’ information for medical data systems, you may be concerned about how the information is collected and stored. You’re not alone.  A study titled “Privacy and Security Concerns Regarding Electronic Health Information” on the website of the National Library of Medicine notes a general concern […]

ABA Insurance Rate Increases

Recognizing the value and significance of providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to their members, healthcare insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois have taken a positive step forward by implementing rate increases for ABA services. This move showcases their commitment to improving autism care and supporting […]

Unforeseen Impacts of Rejected Claims on Your Practice

As a healthcare provider, there are few things more frustrating than your income being impacted by rejected claims. Rejections in medical billing happen for many reasons, and ultimately the healthcare provider has to take the time to fix the claim and then wait a second time for the claim to be processed. In the meanwhile, […]