Occupational Therapy Billing

Missing Piece offers the support providers need for occupational therapy billing. We work with occupational therapists and others to streamline the billing process, saving time and money.

Billing is complicated. It often involves multiple steps and time-consuming tasks. Our goal is to provide our clients more time providing care to their patients and less time worrying about managing billing tasks. Missing Piece can help you have more time for the good work you’re doing.

Put Our Industry Knowledge to Work for You

Missing Piece offers the industry insights necessary to support our clients for all of their billing needs, including all aspects of ABA billing. We specialize in occupational therapy billing services. That means we provide more specific help to our clients in this industry. We understand how your practice works, the services you offer, and the billing strategies necessary to help keep your practice running at its best.

Trust Us for Comprehensive Service

We offer all services necessary for occupational therapy reimbursement. That includes benefits verification processes, pre-authorization of services, and follow-up to verify that payments are made on time. The team at Missing Piece handles the entire insurance reimbursement process — eliminating frustrating phone calls and late payments that happen so commonly.

Expect Compliance Accuracy

Missing Piece can assure claim compliance in all applicable ways. We use the proper codes and modifiers to see that occupational therapy services are properly billed the first time the transaction is processed. This minimizes the frustrations many therapists have over denials of claims. More so, we verify all services using the right American Medical Association codes related to occupational therapy.

Consider the Benefits of Our Billing Service

Missing Piece streamlines all billing and administration tasks within your practice. That means we save you time spent on the phone trying to work through problems or struggling to help insurance companies to find claims submitted months ago.

The work you do is critical to the well-being of your clients. The more time you cannot spend with them, the more they face limitations. With our efficient approach, you know you’re giving your clients all the time they can have to see improvements.

Provide Better Care to Your Patients

Missing Piece is here to work with you. Our billing process helps make your practice more efficient. Your patients and their families benefit from having an easy-to-use payment system that also enables them to oversee all insurance claims easily.

Our experience in occupational therapy enables our team to assist you in any way you need it. That may include providing education to patients about their claims or cost responsibilities. It might also include helping them make payments to you on time.

As a therapist, your patients need to work with you. You need to keep your practice financially sound. Missing Piece helps ensure that’s possible by managing the entire insurance and patient billing process for you. Reach out today to learn how we can help you.

What Clients Say..

Like most small businesses, our success is predicated upon personal relationships and a consistent revenue stream.  Since opening, Missing Piece Billing has been a great partner and an essential element of both.  They guided us through the billing and authorization process and took the lead on contracting and patient invoicing, allowing us to focus on serving our families.  As our company has grown from 1 to 100, I can say with great confidence that we would not be where we are today without them.

Clinton Paul, President

Engaging Minds Autism Services

Indiana Provider

Missing piece billing has been great to work with. They have been our billing partner for many years now. They have wonderful staff that is very easy to work with, they are helpful and always follow through to help on any requests we have.


Specialized Autism Consultant

Massachusetts Provider

Missing Piece has been providing billing services to Lighthouse Autism Center from 2012, when we first opened our doors, to present day.  They are not just a service provider, but a true “partner” who has contributed to our success over the years.  We highly recommend Missing Piece to those who wish to take their organizations to the next level.

Gregg & Sandy Maggioli, Founders

Lighthouse Autism Center

Indiana & Michigan Provider

Missing Piece delivers. Your problems are solved before you even notice, and you benefit from knowledge gained by Missing Piece via other clients’ problems even before they are yours to suffer. They are ahead of the game at every turn, be it denials for improperly reviewed claims, contracting issues, or auth utilization, they have you covered. We could not replace their services with ten full time staffers, and they cost far less than that each month.

Jason Shaw, BCBA, President & CEO

Child’s Play Plus

Indiana Provider

Since starting Circle City ABA, Missing Piece has been a valuable part of our organization’s growth. The bright team at Missing Piece provides insight and clarity in navigating the complex world of ABA insurance and creates confidence for our company. We highly recommend Missing Piece and the valuable partnership they bring to their customers.

Jennifer Lanham, M.A., BCBA, President

Circle City ABA

Indiana Provider

Partnering with Missing Piece to handle our insurance and billing needs came at the perfect time for our organization.  Payment and issues with claims consumed a large portion of our week.  Once we started working with the team at Missing Piece, we experienced faster turnaround with payment, billing and authorizations were streamlined, and credentialing couldn’t be easier.  Their dedicated team is always there to support our business and has given us back the time to focus on patient care.

Kelly Mcguire, Director of Operations

The Bedrock Clinic & Research Center, Inc.

New Jersey Provider

We have used Missing Piece Billing and Consulting for many years and are very satisfied with their services and support. Their team is knowledgeable and professional and have been wonderful to work with. We trust their expertise and would highly recommend them for all your ABA billing needs.

Libby Caswell, MS., BCBA, Executive Director

Disability and Autism Services of Indiana

Indiana Provider

When we began the process to become a Medicaid and insurance provider, a friend advised us to call Missing Piece for help.  As it turns out, that was the best piece of advice we got in relation to this journey.  The folks at Missing Piece have been there every step of the way, providing us with guidance, support, and taking many hours of work onto their workload.  We are so grateful!

Tami Burt

Executive Director

The Bridge of Georgia