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The Best ABA Podcasts

Podcasts have become a valuable medium for learning and staying updated on the latest trends and research in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

In this blog post, we will explore the top ABA podcasts that bring together industry experts, researchers, and practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or parent, these are some of the best podcasts about autism that offer valuable insights, discussions, and practical tips to enhance your understanding of this field.

Behavioral Observations

Host: Matt Cicoria

Focus: Conversations with leading ABA professionals covering behavior analysis techniques, research findings, and real-world applications.

The “Behavioral Observations” podcast, considered one of the top autism podcasts available, is an ABA therapy podcast created specifically by and for applied behavior analysts. It’s hosted by one of the most renowned practitioners, Matt Cicoria, with each episode featuring a different expert from the field who dives into a fresh topic related to ABA.

The sessions include discussions with renowned experts covering topics from safe sleeping practices for infants to acceptance and commitment training and precision teaching. Join in for engaging discussions and valuable insights as these experts share their knowledge and experiences, making this podcast for ABA therapists a must-listen. Some podcast episodes even offer BACB Type 2 Continuing Education credits (CEUs).

Notable episodes

Session 205

“Ethics regarding the use of punishment, amongst other things with Matt Brodhead”

In this episode, Matt Brodhead and Matt Cicoria explore punishment within the framework of developing effective and ethical behavioral interventions. Their discussion peeks into the Behavior Analysis Certification Board’s Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts, the significance of coercive or aversive events in daily life, and the careful consideration of treatment options.

They also delve into other topics, like the importance of teaching cooperation and compliance in specific stimulus conditions, as well as the utility of descriptive assessments versus analog functional analyses.

Session 224

“Myths and Misconceptions About Verbal Behavior with Andy Bondy”

In this podcast episode, Andy Bondy debunks various myths and misconceptions surrounding a wide range of topics. He looks into the PECS’s Certified Classroom process and addresses the conceptual nature of the Verbal Behavior book.

He also explores the distinction between recall and recognition, the differences between aided and unaided communication systems, and the choice between selection and topography-based communication systems.

There is also discussion around the nuances of the autoclitic, whether PECS limits improvised communication, and the debate between matching-to-sample and tacting in PECS. Brondy also touches on prompts, constructional aspects of learning, and much more.

ABA Inside Track

Hosts: Drs. Robert Parry-Cruwys, Diana Parry-Cruwys, and Jackie MacDonald

Focus: Interviews with experts, book club discussions, and reviews of recent research articles in behavior analysis.

The podcast dives deep into applied behavior analysis and the latest research driving the field. Centered around journal articles, the episodes offer insightful discussions and also provide an opportunity to earn continuing education credits, including options for free CEUs. It is recommended that, to make the most of each episode, listeners should read the articles beforehand for an informed listening experience.

Notable episodes

Episode 229

“Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions with Dr. Jamie Hughes-Lika”

Dr. Jamie Hughes-Lika delves deep into the intricacies of NDBIs (Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions) such as the Early Start Denver Model. She explores the unique characteristics of NDBIs, highlighting their similarities and differences compared to standard behavioral interventions. She also looks at research findings that demonstrate the advantages of comprehending developmental models of child growth.

Episode 15

“Technology and Safety Skills Training with Dr. Nick Vaneslow”

Join Dr. Nick Vaneslow as he shares his unique approach of combining peanut butter and chocolate, along with Cognitive Behavioral Skills Training (CBST) and in situ training (IST), to teach essential safety skills to young children. In this fascinating episode, Dr. Vaneslow unveils his personalized cardboard cut-out method, while Diana learns valuable gun-safety skills, Jackie explores the multitude of potential dangers beyond the traditional four, and Rob humorously appeals for a million dollars to develop educational apps that cleverly incorporate enticing sound effects for selecting incorrect answers.

The Controversial Exchange

Host: Ryan O’Donnell and Dimitri Makridis

Focus: Ryan O’Donnell and Dimitri Makridis came together between 2018 and 2020 to produce thought-provoking Op-Ed style podcasts that take on the tough conversations surrounding human behavior. Although they stopped production in 2020, their content remains relevant, and their archive of episodes is available on their website as well as on YouTube.

Notable episodes

Episode 27

“Sexual Behavior and Applied Behavior Analysis with Worner Leland and Barbara Gross”

In this episode, Worner Leland, BCBA, and Barbara Gross, MA, BCBA, LBA, CSE, engaged in a candid conversation about sexual behavior and its connection to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Join them as they explore sexual behavior, providing insights, strategies, and a behavioral perspective on addressing sexual behavior within the ABA framework. Gain valuable knowledge and understanding as they navigate this crucial intersection.

Episode 12

“Everybody Lies… Including Behavior Analysts! with Kathy Fox”

In this episode, Kathy Fox delves into the intriguing topic of lies — revealing the universal nature of deception, encompassing even the most objective behavioral scientists. Their eye-opening discussion explores the intricacies of human dishonesty, providing insights, anecdotes, and thought-provoking perspectives. This is an engaging conversation that challenges our understanding of truth and behavior.

Behavior Bitches

Hosts: Liat Siegel and Casey McDaniel

Focus: A humorous take on ABA principles, covering topics like behavioral strategies, ethical dilemmas, and personal anecdotes.

Join behavior analysts Liat Sacks and Casey McDaniel, the dynamic duo behind Behavior Bitches, as they dissect relatable real-life behavior topics that resonate with people. With over 100 episodes under their belt, there’s bound to be a wealth of enjoyable and insightful content for everyone. Whether you’re seeking practical tips or simply want to gain a better understanding of everyday behaviors, Liat and Casey have got you covered. Tune in and get ready to laugh, learn, and relate to the fascinating world of behavior analysis with Behavior Bitches.

Notable episodes

October 24, 2022

“Seeing Interventions Through the Neurodivergent Lens with Lara Fundaburg and Brian Middleton”

Join a panel of neurodivergent professionals from diverse human services fields as they critically examine commonly used interventions for supporting their population. They explore the concept of social validity, questioning whether these interventions truly meet the needs of neurodiverse individuals. Discover which aspects hold up and which fall short, and explore alternative approaches that prioritize neurodivergent affirmation. Prepare for challenging questions that will take you on a deep dive into the importance of social validity in services and supports for neurodiverse populations.

November 1, 2021

“Balancing Being a BCBA and a Mom of a Child Diagnosed with Autism with Elaine Krift”

Elaine Krift, BCBA, shares the heartfelt journey of her son’s autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis. As a seasoned journalist, Elaine made a significant career shift at 34 to become a BCBA. This episode goes deep into the love and emotions of a parent and highlights the application of ABA from the perspective of someone who has experienced it firsthand. Whether you’re a parent of an autistic child or a professional working with individuals, this episode offers valuable insights. Elaine’s important message emphasizes the significance of meeting both the child and their parents where they are on the journey.

ABA on Call

Hosts: Dr. Rick Kubina Jr. and Doug Kostewicz

Focus: Conversations with ABA professionals, researchers, and parents, discussing practical strategies and insights for everyday situations.

ABA on Call is brought to you by CentralReach and delivers captivating discussions that explore the intersection of ABA and Healthcare Technology industries. Hosted by esteemed ABA experts Rick Kubina Jr., Ph.D., BCBA-D, and Doug Kostewicz, Ph.D., BCBA-D, this series explores cutting-edge ideas and industry trends. Gain valuable insights while earning BACB CEUs to support your ongoing certification.

Notable episode

Season 1, episode 6

“Parenting and ABA”

Navigating effective positive reinforcement in a family context can be challenging, especially when it involves your own children. As parenting tactics and philosophies evolve from one generation to the next, one thing remains constant — the fundamental principles of behavior and measurement.

Imagine harnessing the power of ABA to create a positive impact within your own household and with your family. In this autism podcast for parents, Dr. Kubina, CentralReach’s Director of Research, and Doug Kostewicz examine the significance of positive reinforcement in parenting and the harmonious relationship between parenting and ABA.

Season 5, episode 4

“ABA and Visual Impairments”

Prepare to be inspired by the impactful work of two professors from the University of Pittsburgh and uncover the potential of ABA in assisting individuals with visual impairments or blindness in achieving greater independence and quality of life.

Through their personal experiences and expertise, guests shed light on their remarkable journey with disability and highlight how they apply their skills and knowledge to empower individuals with visual impairments to achieve independence.

This episode tackles the challenges faced by those living with blindness and low vision and explores the transformative role that ABA can play in their lives. Discover how ABA interventions can enhance programming for individuals with visual impairments, and learn how individuals with an ABA background can contribute to this important field.

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