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How Staff Turnover Impacts Credentialing

Staff turnover is a prevalent challenge across a number of industries, and the healthcare sector is no exception. For autism therapy providers, the repercussions of high turnover rates are especially significant, being that it is such a specialized industry. One of the most critical areas affected by frequent staff changes is credentialing — a fundamental […]

Top Ten Benefits of Outsourcing ABA Billing

Are you running a successful ABA therapy practice or considering starting one? Then you’re probably looking at the pros and cons of in-house billing vs. outsourcing. Read on to discover 10 reasons to outsource medical billing, from reducing costs to ensuring faster, more streamlined patient collections. 1. Reduce internal staffing costs If you decide to […]

How Can I Implement Parent Training in my ABA Practice?

Practitioners in ABA therapy services understand the important role that caregivers play in a child’s ABA treatment plan. This is why it’s important for them to undergo ABA therapy training for parents, to ensure they have the skills to continue their child’s ABA therapy successfully outside of the practice environment. There are many training strategies […]

Is My Practice Streamlined to Focus on Patient Care?

Whether you’re running an ABA therapy practice, speech therapy practice, or any other type of healthcare practice, there are several different tasks that can and do take up your time. This includes taking calls, replying to emails, completing data entry, managing your staff, and making sure equipment is maintained. This doesn’t yet include the time […]

The Ethics of ABA Supervision

Practicing Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs) often provide supervision for newer professionals who are pursuing behavior analyst certification. The importance of ethical supervision in ABA therapy cannot be understated, as it is critical to the supervisor’s continued growth and the supervisee’s development, and it creates a better outcome […]

5 Tips For Moving Away From Manual ABA Therapy Billing

As an ABA therapy practitioner, you already understand how time-consuming ABA therapy billing is. The process of capturing and submitting claims is not only time-consuming, but it also requires specialist expertise due to regular changes in ABA insurance billing codes. Thankfully, it’s possible to simplify manual billing by switching to automated ABA therapy billing software. […]

Reasons Your Behavioral Health Organization Is Losing Money

In the fast-paced world of behavioral health services, financial stability is crucial for the success and sustainability of every type of behavioral health provider. However, many behavioral health organizations find themselves facing financial challenges that hinder their growth and impact. Few practices, however, consider that internal missteps might be causing these revenue losses. By identifying […]

Bots and Automation: The Future of Medical Billing

Medical billing is a necessary but often time-consuming task for healthcare providers. As technology continues to advance, bots and automation could revolutionize medical billing services and provide an efficient, cost-effective solution.  Today, we will be exploring the current state of medical billing and coding, the challenges it presents, and how bots and automation could help […]