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Top Ten Benefits of Outsourcing ABA Billing

Are you running a successful ABA therapy practice or considering starting one? Then you’re probably looking at the pros and cons of in-house billing vs. outsourcing. Read on to discover 10 reasons to outsource medical billing, from reducing costs to ensuring faster, more streamlined patient collections. 1. Reduce internal staffing costs If you decide to […]

Expectations When Outsourcing ABA Insurance and Billing

One of the most important considerations when starting an ABA therapy practice or looking to improve your existing practice is insurance and billing. You’ll need to investigate the drawbacks and benefits of outsourcing medical billing vs. in-house billing and compare the various billing outsourcing services available to you.  Discover the three options available for managing […]

Guide To Obtaining ABA Authorization

Securing ABA medical insurance authorization is a critical step for ABA providers utilizing both in-network and out-of-network insurance. Insurers mandate ABA therapy authorization as a prerequisite for reimbursing the services provided to patients. Although obtaining authorization is necessary, navigating the process is not always simple. Missing Piece offers expert third-party insights and professional guidance on […]

The Difference Between Rejected & Denied Claims

Submitting healthcare claims is a complex and ever-changing process as new technology and regulations bring changes that make understanding claims processing sometimes feel like a moving target. Understanding claims processing is an evolving skill, but learning the basic language is the first step to successfully navigating this landscape. One of the keys is knowing the […]