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HIPAA and Confidentiality for ABA and Behavioral Health Providers

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) — passed by Congress in 1996 — contains confidentiality regulations impacting providers and health insurance companies that include physical and electronic confidentiality requirements. 

All healthcare providers must be very familiar with the basics of HIPAA law and state confidentiality regulations, as well as the requirements of their certification or licensure regarding confidentiality. In addition, as a practice, a comprehensive HIPAA analysis should take place regularly to ensure all required safeguards have been put in place to minimize risks. All healthcare staff should participate in HIPAA training upon hire and at least annually thereafter, if not more frequently. 

Missing Piece Billing and Consulting does not provide legal guidance, but we can share a few common HIPAA violation examples in ABA, children’s behavioral health services and behavioral and mental health services that should be considered: 

  • Disclosing information in a waiting room
  • Sending PHI in emails that are not secure
  • Throwing documents with PHI in the trash
  • Transportation of clinical documentation
  • Disclosing information to someone besides parents without a release
  • Participating in community-based activities with a client/patient while wearing company attire
  • Transportation of patients in a company vehicle branded with corporate logos or advertising
  • Texting PHI
  • EMR systems that are not HIPAA compliant
  • Telehealth systems that are not HIPAA compliant
  • Using vendors that violate HIPAA

Many professional associations, as well as legal consultants, are available to assist with your HIPAA certified preparations and policies. Since HIPAA violations could result in severe infractions, both civil and criminal, HIPAA policies need to be addressed with extreme care and consideration. 

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Disclaimer: This blog is meant to be information only and does not provide legal guidance. Please consult a legal professional for further details. 


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