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Why Should ABA Providers Outsource Their Billing?

Here are the top 5 reasons ABA providers are more successful when they outsource.

1 – Increase Revenue by Reducing Overhead Costs

Quality staff are not only expensive, but hard to find. When an ABA provider chooses to outsource their billing, they avoid the payroll costs of an expensive billing department. They also reduce costs when it comes to space, time and resources used to train, supervise, and house a billing department. By outsourcing, a provider can free up an organization’s cash flow and time, enabling them to focus on growing their practice and providing the best clinical services to patients.

2 – Timely Collection and Higher Collection Rates

A billing company has the expertise to facilitate a smooth and error free billing process, something most providers do not have the knowledge or resources to do consistently. Claims are submitted quickly and if needed, pursued to ensure payments are timely and accurate. Furthermore, with a team of Revenue Cycle Management experts, a billing company will have a higher success rate in obtaining authorizations, submitting clean claims, and appealing denials, all contributing to more revenue.

3 – Access to ABA Billing Expertise

The insurance industry is constantly changing. ABA billing and coding, reimbursement rates and authorization requirements are different for each insurance provider and state. ABA billing companies stay current on the latest industry changes and requirements, providing not only access to valuable ABA billing expertise, but also leading to a more efficient billing process.

4 – A Scalable Billing Solution

As an ABA provider grows, it’s important they have a billing solution that is scalable and ready to grow with them. By outsourcing, ABA providers have the tools, systems and knowledge to accommodate their growing business.

5 – More Time to Focus on Patient Care

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management is challenging, time-consuming and stressful. Without realizing it, billing can often take valuable time and resources away from patient care. When an ABA provider chooses to outsource, they can spend more time focusing on the heart of their business – providing the best clinical care to their patients.

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