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Professional Resources for ABA Therapists

As an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist, staying on top of the latest trends, research, and treatments is vital to providing the best possible care for your clients, as well as running a successful practice. To simplify your information hunt for ABA therapy resources, we’ve curated a list of the best professional resources. From horizon-expanding webinars to insightful ABA blogs and podcasts, we’ve gathered essential tools designed to support your growth as an ABA therapist.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just at the beginning of your professional journey, let’s explore how to easily and effectively stay informed and inspired.

ABA blogs: A treasure trove of insights

ABA blogs are an incredible resource for therapists looking to build on their current knowledge base. They inform therapists about the latest news, research, and studies over their morning coffee, offering invaluable information from evidence-based practices, one blog post at a time.

Whether you’re seeking insights from experienced professionals, practical applications of behavior analysis, or specialized information on how to treat autism, these blogs are sure to enrich your understanding of effective ABA therapy techniques.

ABA Inside Track

ABA Inside Track is a blog and podcast that explores behavior analysis and how to apply it practically. The blog goes into detail on methods for data collection and how to implement effective behavior change procedures.

The hosts, Robert Parry-Cruwys, Diana Parry-Cruwys, and Jackie MacDonald, are all experienced behavior analysts and researchers with a profound understanding of ABA therapy services and autism.

Both the podcast and the blog are great ABA resources for therapists looking to stay up-to-date on the latest methods, techniques, and research in the ABA field.

Autism Spectrum Therapies

Autism Spectrum Therapies is a blog that focuses on educating parents and caregivers to help improve the lives of autistic children. It’s written by experienced ABA therapists, clinical analysts, and behavior technicians.

Therapy-specific posts explore the basics of ABA services for autism, how to find the right ABA therapist for your family, and what to expect from your ABA therapy sessions. For everyday life, Autism Spectrum Therapies touches on topics like making friends as an autistic child, how to plan an inclusive holiday as a family, and building trusting relationships with your child’s teacher.

The blog is an amazing resource for family-oriented ABA therapists.

Association for Science in Autism Treatment

The Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) is a non-profit organization with the sole mission of promoting science-based treatments for autistic individuals.

The articles on the ASAT blog are written by experts in the field who discuss the latest research into and treatments for autism. Each article is remarkably comprehensive, well written, and accessible. The writers do an impressive job of distilling complex, research-heavy information into easy-to-understand language.

This is a great resource for therapists interested in clinical studies, interviews with experts, and treatment reviews.

ABA podcasts: Learning on the go

For ABA therapists with busy schedules, listening to an ABA podcast is a convenient way to continue learning while doing house chores, taking a walk, or tending to your emotional support garden.

Here are some podcasts to get you started.

Behavioral Observations

Hosted by Matt Cicoria, Behavioral Observations features interviews with leading behavior analysts and professionals in the field. The podcast covers topics ranging from ethical considerations in ABA to the importance of parent training.

Matt’s relaxed interview style makes for a genuine and insightful exchange of ideas between host and guest. The tone is somewhere between NPR’s “Fresh Air” and Saturday Night Live’s “The Chris Farley Show,” perfect for practitioners who prefer their podcasts infused with a little humor.

ABA Inside Track

The Inside Track podcast (mentioned above with its blog counterpart) is a deep dive into behavior analysis and its applications in schools, clinical practices, and research.

Each episode features engaging discussions on various behavior analysis-related topics, ranging from behavior management in the classroom to implementing ABA at home. Drawing on their expertise, extensive knowledge, and experiences, the hosts offer practical advice that ABA therapists can apply directly in their work.

If you’re an ABA therapist, educator, or researcher, you’ll find this podcast to be a veritable goldmine of valuable insights.

Functional Relations

Functional Relations is a podcast hosted by Dr. Zachary Bird and Dr. Caleb Davis that takes an in-depth look at the core principles behind behavior analysis. The tone of this podcast is a bit more academic than the others, but the episodes are thought-provoking, nonetheless.

The hosts cover cutting-edge research in behavior analysis as well as the history of the modality and the philosophy behind it. They also interview experts in ABA, giving listeners the opportunity to learn from some of the leading minds in the field.

Functional Relations is tailored to ABA therapists looking to deepen their understanding of behavior analysis.

ABA webinars: Interactive learning experiences

Interactive webinars may sound a bit outside your comfort zone, but they’re a great way to learn about the latest research and trends in ABA. They’re also an incredible opportunity to connect with other professionals and learn from their experiences.

Typically, they’re hosted by organizations such as Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) or the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB), but you can also find them on educational platforms or hosted independently by individual experts.

The topics covered in webinars will depend on the host, organization, or expert. Be sure to keep an eye out for a webinar on a topic that interests you and schedule it in your calendar so you don’t miss it.

Associations: Networking and knowledge exchange

Although joining professional associations can be pricey, it can be a game-changer for ABA therapists. The Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA) and the Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) give therapists access to webinars, workshops, conferences, and important peer-reviewed journals, allowing you to network, learn from peers, and hone your skills as an ABA therapist. These resources may also include valuable information for ABA business owners, looking at topics like ABA billing software, ABA benefits for insurance, ABA credentialing services, and more.

ABA billing with Missing Piece

The field of ABA is constantly shifting and evolving as new research emerges. Having access to these sites with the latest research-based interventions and evidence-based practices is invaluable. It’s an investment in your client’s future and your own professional development.

To find out more about working with the best billing company for your ABA therapy practice needs and obtaining ABA authorization, contact us and discover how Missing Piece can help.