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How To Manage An ABA Waitlist

A waitlist is not uncommon for ABA providers. It occurs when you simply do not have enough available hours to provide service to the people requesting it.

ABA services are in high demand, with a limited number of well-qualified professionals available to meet that demand. What’s more, those seeking these services want to find the best providers available.

Having an ABA waitlist may happen to you. If it does, it can be stressful for patients and your business. If a waitlist is needed within your practice, it’s critical to know how to handle the situation.

What You Can Do When You Have a Waitlist for Services

Your goal may be to provide comprehensive services to as many people as possible. For that to happen, you need to create a waitlist and manage it properly. These strategies can help you:

Communicate Upfront

Be realistic. Tell prospective clients that there is a waitlist and inform them how long it might be. Is it three months? Over a year? Provide a range instead of a specific figure, when possible, such as three to six months. Also, inform individuals when they should contact you again to see if waitlist times have improved. When possible, avoid making hard promises.

Establish a Referral System

Work to identify one or two other providers you know who provide similar services. Offering an alternative option for your prospective patients may help them receive care sooner — even if you cannot provide it. Be sure to vet alternative resources, however, to find out the types of services they offer and their availability.

Oversee Waitlist Times to Ensure They Remain Accurate

Monitor waitlists to determine when times may shorten. In some situations, you may find that patients no longer need or want care, opening the door for others. Get an idea of what it may take to help eliminate the list completely.

Work to Streamline Operations to Meet Patient Needs

In some situations, the goal is to ensure your practice is running well so that you can care for as many people as needed. To do this, consider reducing some of the burden of mundane or administrative tasks. The less you have to do, the more time you have to provide care.

Missing Piece offers a range of services that can help to ease that burden. We work with ABA service providers to handle many of their administrative and other tasks.

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