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Telehealth For ABA Helps Maintain Critical Connections

Many people who need ABA therapy benefit from coming into the office for care. Yet, telehealth for ABA has proven to be highly effective and improves access for many people who do not have another method of getting care.

The pandemic helped shed light on the importance of connection — especially virtual connection — to clients. For many providers, offering telehealth services has become critical to maintaining valuable connections and continuing care.

Is Telehealth a Viable Solution?

The use of telehealth initially created several concerns for providers. Gray areas regarding insurance coverage, reimbursements, consent and documentation were not fully understood when ABA and telehealth became more readily used.

It is true that these areas involve careful attention and perhaps a different approach to fulfilling the requirements than in-office visits. However, they can be effective and, more so, completely acceptable when it comes to insurance provider coverage.

It is important to consider that additional clarity may be needed before offering ABA telehealth services. For example, it may be necessary to obtain authorizations to move in this direction. It is also essential to ensure that the care and treatment you offer are coded properly. In short, while there are some differences in the way the process works, ABA therapy organizations can still confidently offer telehealth services.

Let Missing Piece Provide the Support You Need

Missing Piece has expertise in ABA billing to help facilitate the entire process for you. This includes the necessary documentation needed for billing and online authorizations. All the services provided by Missing Piece for in-office visits can translate into the telehealth component of your practice as well.

Having a reliable ABA authorization and billing process for telehealth means you can maintain relationships with those clients who are no longer able to come into an appointment or otherwise would not be seen. With the help of our ABA billing and telehealth solutions, you can see more clients — even those who do not have transportation or lack the ability to come into the office for any reason.

Missing Piece Offers Solutions for Your Practice

Our ABA solutions can solve many of the most common concerns about providing telehealth service. Missing Piece is capable and professional, and we can navigate the complexity of the ABA billing landscape for your telehealth needs. As an outsourced provider, you can trust that we can take care of the process efficiently, so you have more time to spend with your clients and you can meet them where they need that help.

Contact Missing Piece today to get started or to get more information about how we can help you.