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What Navigating Credentialing Means For Your Business

For many care providers, navigating credentialing is one of the more complex aspects of establishing and growing your practice.

Credentialing is the process that the payer uses to verify that the practice or provider meets specific standards. The payer establishes those standards, which typically involves verifying that the provider has proper licensing and certification, along with other requirements.

Credentialing is critical for payers, as it helps them ensure they are providing payment to qualified professionals. It’s a necessary step you have to take to ensure you can provide care to your patients.

What Does Credentialing Entail?

The credentialing process can be long and overwhelming. Each of the insurance companies you hope to be credentialed and contracted with sets specific requirements for the process. They also require numerous steps to provide information and verify your qualifications. It can take between 30 and 180 days for the process to go through, and sometimes even longer. If a mistake occurs and the proper steps are missed, a client’s claim for care may be denied, putting your practice at risk.

Working with a third party such as Missing Piece could make the process easier. By working with an experienced provider in ABA insurance credentialing, you’re less likely to make mistakes that could cost you time and money.

Missing Piece could handle the documentation and all paperwork necessary for the credentialing. That way, you can continue to focus your time on providing care for your patients and the services you know they need.

Our team can also handle the entire review process for the insurance companies. This may include verification of licensing and certifications. In addition, any questions or concerns can be quickly addressed and handled by a team of qualified professionals.

In some situations, the credentialing process requires just one step: a one-time process of establishing a contract with the payer. Other times, it can involve a lot of back-and-forth and numerous questions, steps and concerns that need to be addressed. There’s no way to know what’s going to happen until you begin the process.

Additionally, Missing Piece can take care of the necessary tasks no matter what they are. That includes handling the re-approval process exactly as the insurance company requires.

Providing Comprehensive Services for Providers

Missing Piece can narrow down and work through timelines with ease. Our team can research and onboard new providers with efficiency. Utilizing our credentialing services, providers know that the correct documentation is being provided, even as laws continue to change within the industry.

With experience working with most insurance providers, Missing Piece can effectively eliminate the risk of complications during the process. If there is a need for more information or data, that’s taken care of for you.

Maintaining Credentialing

Missing Piece also maintains any ongoing credentialing throughout the life of a contract. Losing credentialing with an insurance provider is a costly and time-consuming process to rectify.

When you work with a credentialing team, you don’t have to worry about losing patients should a lapse occur. Your patients don’t have to wonder if they can continue care because we can ensure that credentials don’t lapse.

Utilize Expert Services From Missing Piece to Protect and Grow Your Practice

Handling the credentialing process on your own is no longer necessary. Missing Piece’s experience and expertise in this area can serve as the backbone for your organization’s credentialing. Plus, outsourcing these services can help minimize risks while ensuring you have the time needed to care for your patients.

Learn more about why you should outsource to Missing Piece and explore the benefits of how outsourcing can improve your practice management. Give us a call to discuss your needs and to learn more.