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Tips When Starting an ABA Therapy Practice

If you’re a certified ABA therapy practitioner wondering how to start an ABA therapy practice, it’s important to know that setting up your practice is a complex process. However, as overwhelming as it may seem at first, running your own ABA therapy practice can be incredibly rewarding, both socially and financially. 

To help you start setting up your ABA practice, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

1. Accept that starting will be slow and difficult

Starting an ABA practice, or any other health practice or business, is a challenging task. You’ll be starting a therapy practice from the ground up, which will require you to put together an ABA business plan, source the proper funding, acquire the right staff, purchase the necessary equipment, complete the various legal processes, and more – all this before you even open your doors or earn a single cent as an ABA therapy practitioner. 

Even after you complete all of this, you’ll undoubtedly experience challenges, such as delayed payments, difficult clients, or staffing problems, that could affect the growth of your ABA therapy clinic. 

This is why it’s essential to approach starting a private therapy practice with the right attitude, and this means understanding that it will be difficult and will take time to build a thriving ABA therapy practice.

2. Don’t forget to market your new practice

There’s the popular saying, “If you build it, they will come,” and while this sounds good in theory, in practice, it’s rarely the case. To start building your client base, you will need to let people know that you’ve opened your doors and are ready to provide ABA therapy. 

You can achieve this through various offline and online marketing practices. Offline methods you can use to reach potential clients include printed advertisements, promotional products, and word of mouth, such as referrals or networking with other ABA therapy practitioners who are happy to recommend your practice when they are at capacity. 

While these traditional methods of marketing are important, it’s also vital that you start growing your online presence. Do this by building a search-engine-friendly website for your practice, becoming active on social media, and creating a Google Business Profile. The majority of people use the internet to seek out necessary information and services, which makes online marketing an absolute necessity, especially when you’re starting an ABA clinic.

3. Time management is critical to the practice’s foundation

While scheduling is always important, it’s a critical element when starting your practice. This is because there are many different tasks that you’ll need to accomplish during your day, and any bad time management habits that creep into your routine may become more challenging to get rid of the longer your practice has been running. 

It’s important to approach time management correctly from the beginning. Remember, you need to factor in time not only to see your ABA therapy clients but also to ensure other aspects of your practice are running smoothly. Tasks like ABA therapy billing, creating reports, training your staff, and various other administrative duties will all require your attention while building your practice. 

4. Seek out third-party ABA therapy billing experts

Outsourcing your ABA therapy billing is a significant way to make starting an ABA therapy practice easier. Yes, bringing your ABA therapy billing in-house is an option, but in the beginning, a full-time staff member may not be necessary and may even be detrimental to your business. This is because you’re paying someone to handle your billing full-time before you have a full caseload, which results in unnecessary expenditure. 

However, by partnering with a dedicated ABA therapy billing provider, you not only avoid the issue highlighted above, but you also gain a scalable billing solution that can adapt to meet the needs of your practice as it grows. There are also numerous other benefits, such as having access to a team of ABA billing experts, faster billing, which improves the speed of payments, and not having to worry about purchasing and setting up all the tools necessary to handle the billing yourself.

Partner with the ABA billing experts at Missing Piece

If you want to start your ABA therapy practice on the right foot, you’ll want to consider Missing Piece as your ABA billing partner. 

Missing Piece has more than 10 years of experience helping ABA providers all across the US by ensuring ABA therapy billing is completed correctly thanks to our ABA billing experts, that billing is swift to ensure a rapid turnaround on reimbursement, and that ABA practices have a billing solution that can adapt to the needs of their practice. All these benefits and more will help you focus on what you do best: Provide your patients the attention and care they deserve.

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